The Paccioni ‘Al Capone’ watch collection design is based on Al Capone’s actual pocket watch, which he owned and cherished for many years.

The pocket watch was sold at auction for around $70,000 in 2015. The pocket watch has such a unique case and no other watch like it in the world, that I simply had to bring this to life as a watch collection and the Paccioni ‘Al Capone’ was born.

This Special Edition ‘Al Capone’ watch collection is available in two sizes to suit all people from all walks of life; built and cast in solid stainless steel and powered by a high-quality Swiss Quartz movement; interchangeable genuine leather straps; over 36 combinations to suit your mood and the Paccioni ‘Al Capone’ is presented in a violin shaped ‘tommy gun’ style snake print leatherette presentation case.  There is no watch shape case like this anywhere in the world. So be unique and original, follow your own mind, you be the Boss, you make the call.

Paccioni Al Capone - ‘Grande’ 51mm -

Paccioni Al Capone - ‘Grande’ 51mm

51mm watch case – Grande (large)

Available in steel and two tone with various mother of pearl dials

Each watch comes with a spare and easily interchangeable leather strap of your choice; presented in a black croc leatherette ‘Tommy gun’ style presentation case.

There are 12-15 combinations of the 51mm case

Paccioni Al Capone - ‘Medio’ 44mm -

Paccioni Al Capone - ‘Medio’ 44mm -

44mm watch case  Medio (medium)

Available in

  • All gold or steel set with 70 stones or simply plain two tone or all steel highly polished watch case.

Each watch comes with a spare and easily interchangeable leather strap of your choice; presented in a Red croc leatherette ‘Tommy gun’ style presentation case.

There are over 26 combinations of the 44mm case

About Al Capone,

Going back to the man himself, I really do not feel that anyone else would have acted any differently than Al Capone did back in the early 1900’s. If we take a step back and ponder the things that he achieved and accomplished, the only conclusion that you will arrive at is that the man contributed substantially to society.

What you probably ‘aren’t aware of’ are all of the attempts to eliminate Al Capone from the bootlegging business by his competition. Al Capone would have genuinely preferred to have done business amicably with his rivals, by mutually agreeing upon territory and profit sharing arrangements.

It was Al Capone’s rivals that ultimately became greedy and unreasonable. They began to try to strong arm Al Capone, and hatched murderous plots against him and his people, mainly related to control of sales territories. Unable to seek protection from the authorities, Al Capone then took matters into his own hands.

Some people may argue that the nature of business that Al Capone engaged in was illicit at the time, and that he was greedy as well as a ruthless businessman. It has been suggested that the American government were premature in introducing prohibition and that Al Capone became a pioneer in bootlegging operations as a result, providing spirits to a deprived market.

The next time you enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine or even your favourite cocktail, you can thank Al Capone for his defiance and perseverance during prohibition. The Prohibition Act itself goes down in history as one of the least successful pieces of legislation ever to be introduced. Al Capone certainly had some influence upon the eventual repeal of prohibition.

The next time you buy a pint of milk for your family, and check the date to make sure it’s safe to drink, you can thank Al Capone for that too. He successfully campaigned to have ‘sell by dates’ put onto milk bottles after a relative lost her baby as she became ill having drunk milk which was way out of date.

What’s more, at a time when interracial clubs were practically non-existent, Al Capone became a patron of jazz music providing America’s finest African American musicians with a platform to play jazz and blues at his Chicago speakeasies enabling jazz and blues to flourish.

Mikey Cohen
Founder & Designer
Bellagio Europe